Platinum Glass™

Optical glass is the best medium through which we can observe the world and guarantees:

  • the best long-lasting vision;
  • high resistance to scratches and mechanical stress;
  • lowest environmental impact, as it is 100% recyclable;

Barberini Eyewear’s collection was designed starting from the quality of the glass and using only
the most innovative and performing material: Platinum Glass™. Barberini Platinum Glass™ is a premium optical glass whose name was inspired by the production process. The oxides mixed is melted in special furnaces and refined through a column of pure platinum, so as to obtain a glass lens free of any impuritiy. 

During the fusion some minerals, called Rare Earth Elements are also added, to enhance the visual contrast, operating as a chromatic equalizer.

Platinum Glass™ lenses can guarantee:

  • the best perception of colours and contrasts thanks to the presence of some minerals, called rare earth elements, which can only be added to glass;
  • maximum UV protection, up to 400 nm (UV400), well above standards;
  • maximum protection against reflected light obtained by multi-layer anti-glare and polarized lenses;
  • oleophobic and hydrophobic treatments which aids in preventing and cleaning fingerprint marks;

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