Glass, I see.

In this historical moment we have witnessed a return to some original objects, the very ancestors of a certain product category which was "abandoned" and is now being rediscovered. Not only is this the result of fashion trends, but also of their inherent high quality.

The music scene provides a good example of this trend. Despite the incredible technological progress brought by digital platforms that have almost dematerialized music, we are now facing a return to vinyl records, with their tangible charm.

Glass is now following the same trend. We are in fact witnessing a real rebirth, not only for nostalgic yearning or for the much-vaunted vintage which appears to be so trendy today, but for its unique characteristics which are now bare of its primordial defects: weight and fragility.

Glass is an extraordinary and multifaceted material, both antique and modern at the same time, since it is forged through advanced technologies and innovative techniques.

Glass is a noble and refined material, as the passing of time cannot scratch it and it is endowed with a charm that plastic does not possess at all.

All these extraordinary characteristics reach their pinnacle of technological success on sunglasses. In fact, the first glasses, the originals, were made of glass lenses

During the years, sunglasses have become a fashion accessory to the detriment of their qualitative and protective properties.

For this reason, it is high time to celebrate this material and bestow upon it the primacy it deserves, since glass is the only material that guarantees the best vision and the best protection for our eyes.

Glass, I see.

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