Glass and Spect-Actors

The Latin word for “glass” catches the very essence of this exceptional material.

As a matter of fact, glass comes from the Latin word vitrum, which is likely to be a compound of the root of vid-ère, “to see”, and vid-trum, meaning something “which allows you to see throughout”, “something transparent”.

Glass is a material that allows you to see the world from a privileged point of view, as when you are looking through your window along a journey.

Glass opens up a glimpse of the world which moves as fast as a film, and at the same time it protects us as if we were comfortably enjoying a film from a cinema’s armchair. In addition, glass reminds us that we are the very Spect-Actors, since it reflects our image and allows us to look at ourselves through new eyes. Glass offers us the luxury of being both Spectators who observe carefully the hues of the world and Actors who are capable of self-shaping their lives.

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