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glass eyewear.

Glass, I see

Our collection

Our collection

Our collection

Our collection

Eyewear for

Barberini Eyewear glasses are for those who observe and not for those who just want to be observed. They are for those who do not want to miss the performance of the Universe, who face every situation and go all the way, like a spectator who is dragged onto a stage and becomes the star.


Looking forward

Barberini Eyewear is an innovative project with a very great history behind it. A new generation line of glasses and a different way to look at the future.



Barberini Eyewear and Fondazione Banca degli Occhi

Positive test results in the field of dry-eye protection


Glass, I see.

A return to our origins: glass is the material that invented glasses.


Glass and Spect-Actors

A “reflecting” material


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