Barberini and sailing competitions

During the first week of October, the 14th edition of the historical regatta, “La Barcolana” took place in Trieste. The core of the event was the competition which took place on Sunday October 9th . The fact that in this edition more than 1700 ships were involved, gives the extent to which the competition has grown in importance ( just 51 boats had taken part to the first edition).

People practising such complex a sport as sailing, in such a background, between sea and sun, waves and ropes, sudden veers, it is necessary to protect adequately our eyes. The partnership with the Maxy Yatch Pendragon originates from this specific context. The crew could benefit from the high visual quality and protection performed by our sunglasses.

All our lenses, exclusively made of Platinum Glass, perform a UV400 protection and have a multilayer oleophobic and idrophobic treatment as well as allow an unequalled visual contrast. These are undoubtedly the best lenses which allow distinguishing wavelets, the sudden change of the wind direction and abruptly deciding what to do next.

In the 2016 edition, the Pendragon got a third place. Next week it will take part to other competitions such as the Venice Hospitality Challenge and the Veleziana, in the splendid Venice lagoon. Waiting for them to meet new goals, we can just wish them: fair winds!

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