Glass and its applications

Sometimes we do not realize how a material that was born almost by accident 4,000 years ago, it is part of our daily lives. The magic of glass is this: it is such a spectacular material that can be used with different functions and in many areas: design, constructions, architecture, nautical and technological innovation. It is so versatile that, through innovation, can be combined with other chemical elements, natural or artificial.

The intrinsic qualities of the glass, in particular its inalterability, make it naturally compatible with the most various materials, and even perfectly suitable for interventions that concern the recovery and the strengthening of architectural works of particular value.

If glass is subjected, for example, to a spinning process to get glass fibers of less than a tenth of a millimeter of diameter, it can be converted into a compound with high mechanical resistance.

This compound can serve as a reinforcing mesh becoming a structural element.

We must not be surprised observing wonderful creations in delicate-looking glass, like the ones worked by the charming artist Mika Aoki, that we can see in the cover image,  and find the same, amazing, material in eyeglasses or sunglasses, in precision optical instruments, or even used in form of fiber in buildings.

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